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Good trout released

The Tweed contains beautiful wild brown trout which are in season from 15th March to 6th October (although most angling clubs and associations season runs from 1st April to 30th Sept). Rivers in the Tweed catchment are no longer stocked with trout so any fish you catch are truly wild. There are a few methods at the anglers disposal whilst in pursuit of the “brownie”, but probably the most exciting is the dry fly. This method also is the most likely one to produce specimen size fish. Nymphs and wet flies also work well and are sometimes an easier proposition for novices. Most of the larger fish are accounted for in the first half of the season when these fish will feed heavily on the abundant fly life and will usually readily rise to take a fly off the surface. Early season hatches of big flies such as the March Brown and Large Dark Olive can produce some great top water sport. As well as the river system there are wild brownies to be found in lochs and reservoirs.

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Fly Fishing For Brown Trout

The River Tweed is home to some beautiful brown trout